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Cap vers l’exploration : l’ONHYM annonce de nouveaux accords pour l’exploration d’hydrocarbures en 2023

L’Office national des hydrocarbures et des mines (ONHYM) envisage de signer cette année de nouvelles conventions dans le secteur des hydrocarbures avec de nouveaux partenaires. La recherche minière se concentrera sur les domaines les plus prometteurs avec une attention particulière aux métaux stratégiques. En 2022, 10 entreprises ont collaboré avec l’ONHYM pour la recherche sur […]

Fluorspar market outlook | View from Vietnam

Fluorine Forum 2022 Review | Seen & Heard in Hanoi All good things come to those who wait. And for Fluorine Forum to take place in Hanoi, Vietnam we had to wait three years, but we got there – and it was definitely worth waiting for! What an occasion it was: record attendance, excellent presentations, fantastic networking, wonderful […]

Fluorspar new sources go underground for the battery charge

Projects in Mongolia & Germany | Updates from USA, Canada, Italy, Kenya, Australia World fluorspar production capacity remains tight, with few, if any, new production capacities ready to come on-stream any time soon. However, there are some very interesting projects in the pipeline. Title Image Feeling their way underground: (left) Examining fluorite veins at KHD Fluorite’s Maly deposit, […]

Societal needs of Fluoropolymers by Gujarat Fluorochemicals

Through this video, Gujarat Fluorochemicals has attempted to capture few critical fluoropolymer applications in day-to-day life: at home, during travel, at office/work and at leisure. The movie also shows usefulness of fluoropolymers in protecting human health and safety. Furthermore, the movie highlights how fluoropolymers power innovation in digitalization, electrification of transport, green energy transition and […]