The mining sector in Morocco is emerging as one of the most dynamic in the national economy, offering multiple opportunities for current and future industries. The country, with a rich geology of mineral substances, has seen sustained mining activity for decades, with considerable potential in phosphate, gold, and cobalt. Faced with new social and environmental challenges, the sector is seeking to strengthen its position by exploring new opportunities. A project to update the mining law aims to make the sector more attractive to investors, aligning with national ambitions and modern requirements. The 2021-2030 Morocco Mining Plan, focused on developing a competitive and sustainable sector, is based on four pillars, including strengthening social and environmental impact. ONHYM, a major player in mining exploration, reports 37 ongoing projects for 2022, including 21 individual projects and 16 partnerships, covering various metals. Partnership agreements have been signed with Stellar, Managem, Samta, and ULM Industries. In 2024, Morocco plans to undertake major projects in phosphate, including a 130 billion dirhams investment program by OCP, aiming to increase fertilizer production capacity and achieve carbon neutrality by 2040. A special supplement of Aujourd'hui Le Maroc will examine in detail the current state, challenges, and prospects of the mining sector, as well as ongoing initiatives and reforms.

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