The National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines (ONHYM) plans to sign new agreements in the hydrocarbon sector this year with new partners. Mining research will focus on the most promising areas with special attention to strategic metals. In 2022, 10 companies collaborated with ONHYM for hydrocarbon research over a total area of 195,559.11 km². Two oil agreements were signed in 2022, with Chariot and Newmed Energy & Adarco, covering the Rissana Offshore and Boujdour Atlantic areas. Investments reach 685.76 million DH for partners and 21.33 million DH for ONHYM. The turnover at the end of December 2022 amounted to 177.4 million DH. Mining research in 2022 focused on 37 projects, including 21 independent projects and 16 in partnership, covering various metals. ONHYM has signed agreements with Stellar, Managem, Samta, and ULM Industries, as well as renewals of agreements with African partners.

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